Technology - Test Flowing
Your Test Flowing Seamlessly
Our Test Flowing is a platform developed on demand to optimize the QA Flow success process. It drives test projects forward, reducing working hours and mitigating quality risks. The platform offers comprehensive support, covering all phases, from specification to execution and analysis of results.
Main Features:
• Allows you to create and visualize test flows, tests, data masses, and coverage.
• Supports functional testing for various scenarios, including web, mobile applications, APIs, desktop applications, databases, and text terminals.
• Enables test automation on demand, scheduled, or by continuous integration (CI).
• Facilitates the execution of manual tests.
• Provides clear visibility of progress, including durations, execution logs, incident captures, bugs, and glitches.
Innovation and Efficiency:
• Unites manual and automated testing, optimizing work and saving time.
• Its 'no code/low code' approach results in a significant reduction in automation code.
• It implements a lean process.
• Offers a stable, feature-rich framework, reducing the need to develop additional features.
• It offers a site for practicing and training automation, with the possibility of generating different automation challenges.
Management View
• Presents a clear view of progress through strategic graphs.
Latest Generation Product and Services
• It leverages the latest technologies and is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.
• It offers consultancy, advisory, and technical support services from experts.

Here's a real example of test automation:
10 tests run on 5 robots simultaneously, which involve 13 screens and 27 fields, are operating in our 'store' for training.